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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

more Hastert links

and this from steve, via emai (thnx steve)l. I haven't had a chance to look through the links yet - but here you go
Promised I'd get you a few 'snippets, tidbits and some of the local "dish 'n shenannigans" concerning 'Da Coach'...

Hot Off the Keyboard:
"Where's Denny" Follow the $$ Trails

IL Taxpayers Dbl-Dimed: Lobbyists on Illinois Taxpayers Dime: K Street Meets Main Street

Fermi Lab: Fermi and the future of scientific research

Breaking News: Fermi Contract 'Out for Bid'

From the Archives:

DeLay-Abramoff for Dummies Primer - Draft

Graft & Greed Begins at Home (Updated)

Must be one of them co-inky-dinks thangs

Updates: More "Flip Jack" Flapjacks & CREW In-Depth Rpts

Hastert corruption charges gaining momentum?


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