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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Laesch defeats Zamora in IL14

Congratulations John!
Political rookie John Laesch will face off against one of America's most powerful men for the 14th Congressional District seat.

Laesch, of Newark, easily defeated Auroran Ruben Zamora in Tuesday's Democratic primary, moving on to the underdog role in the November election against Republican Dennis Hastert, of Plano, speaker of the U.S. House. Hastert, who has represented the district since 1986 and served as speaker since 1999, ran uncontested in the Republican primary.

Laesch isn't intimidated by those credentials.

"I just beat a guy 2-to-1 who's been campaigning for two years, and I've only been out here for six months," Laesch said from his victory party in Plano.

"Hastert hasn't had a challenge in 20 years. I think people are ready for change and I hope to be that voice of change."

Laesch, 32, works as a carpenter and on his family's Kendall County farm.

A former military analyst for the Navy, he plans to question Hastert's record on health care and demand the troops be taken out of Iraq. (link)
Onward and upward.

Hastert is next - and we'll do all we can to help :-)


At 11:45 AM, Blogger Melhi said...

Hey, if you get this in time (and haven't already,) head over to Russ Feingold's Progessive Patriot Fund site http://www.progressivepatriotsfund.com/page/s/vote to give John Laesch a little help in what is sure to be a brutal race.

John Laesch is one of eight candidates vying to receive a $5,000 campaign donation from that fund. It takes only a couple of seconds to cast a vote. The deadline is midnight tonight. (Sunday Mar. 26)



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