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Monday, February 20, 2006

Hastert and Abramoff

Speaking of mobbed up, let's not forget Mr Hastert's relationship with Jack Abramoff:
"DAVID SHUSTER: "But the Speaker himself may be in some political trouble. Abramoff held fundraisers for Hastert. And after one event at Abramoff's restaurant that raised $21,000, the House Speaker sent a letter to Interior Secretary Gayle Norton pressuring her to stop a casino in Louisiana. That new casino would have competed with an Abramoff client."" (link)
" House Speaker Dennis Hastert became the latest lawmaker to dump campaign contributions from clients of high-flying lobbyist Jack Abramoff, giving about $70,000 to charity Tuesday." (link)
Apparently Denny was so concerned about 'appearances' that he was happy to depart ways with Abramoff's $70,000 - but he isn't so worried about appearances that he is hoping to ride out the VF?TUrkish bribery claims when all he has to do is disclose his campaign contributions - and he doesn't even have any excuse for not disclosing...


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